Shirley Valentine

Successful on the Broadway stage does not necessarily translate to good on the Hollywood screen. Your odds of success are greatly increased when you cast the female lead to be the same woman who won a Tony Award for the role on stage.

Shirley Valentine (Pauline Collins – City of Joy, Paradise Road) is an English housewife who talks to herself (really us) and dreams of a different life from her day to day drudgery. She dreams of travelling. Her husband does not share in her dreams and is very content staying put.

Not willing to settle anymore Shirley agrees to go with her friend (Julia McKenzie – Notes on a Scandal) on a trip to Greece. Soon she is living out her dreams and doing things she never dreamed of. Including having a passionate affair with a handsome Greek man (Tom Conti – Reuben, Reuben, American Dreamer).

A fantastic, feel good film filled with British-styled humour as in quite witty and of the tongue-planted-firmly-in-cheek variety. You love Shirley/Pauline from her first wise-crack into the camera. You love all the beautiful scenery of Greece. You love the fact that the film is about middle age love and how it is never too late to chase after your dreams. You love how charming Tom Conti is. This is the type of film that might give you the kick in the butt you needed to get up off your couch and live out your dreams. Or, in the worst case scenario, you will be highly entertained for roughly two hours.

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