Alice Cooper Concert Preview

Vincent Damien Furnier is better known under his stage name of Alice Cooper. Alice Cooper is a character (a very dark and twisted one) made up by the sharp mind of this singer. Were you aware that Alice Cooper was the name of Furnier's original group? When they broke up Continue Reading

Pigeon Funk

Digital musicians Sutekh (Seth Horvitz) and Kit Clayton (Joshua Kit Clayton) have created a type of robotic music they believe will be all the rage in the 23rd century. Front runners these guys! They don't want to just buck the trend they want to set them. This their second release Continue Reading


Though in the past Keane have been harshly criticized for playing it too safe and being overly calculating with their choices, this criticism cannot continue with their third release. Not that it is wildly different in sound (there are some, which will be addressed later), but it is in scope. Continue Reading

Bend Sinister

If you read our recent review of the Bend Sinister EP then you have been expecting this full-length album. It is almost a companion to the previously released EP and it is split into two distinct parts. The first half of the album deals with stories of brothers (see the Continue Reading