Bedouin Soundclash Concert Preview

If you were to mix together rock, soul and ska together what would you get? Why, Bedouin Soundclash, of course! This Kingston trio shot to stardom when Zellers of all things started using their catchy tune "When the Night Feels My Song" in one of their television ads. Then it was Top 10 singles, playing at large festivals, music featured on "Grey's Anatomy", and Juno Awards for the band. They have not looked back, but endearingly have been able to maintain their indie cred.

This band is really the product of the three distinct individuals coming together to fuse their musical sensibilities to make one coherent and funky sound. Their sound is great live and the energy they put into their shows is well worth the price of admission.

The show is all ages and general admission.

Additional Information:
-Ticket Purchase: or (514) 908-9090
-Ticket Price: $20.00 (plus taxes and service charges)
-Show Time: 8:00 p.m. (Doors @ 6:30 p.m.)

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