Back to You – Season 1

Uniting two of sitcoms most famous contemporary stars, Patricia Heaton and Kelsey Grammar, did not save this sitcom from being cancelled after only two seasons. In its short time it did bring us some old style television in that it was filmed before a live studio audience and was based on the age old humour of male versus female sexual tension humour. Sadly maybe the time for this type of show has passed.

The premise was that Heaton's and Grammar's characters have a past and a child together from a time where they previously worked together as co-anchors at a news station. Now ten years later they are back together co-anchoring a news show in Pittsburgh.

Episode 1: Pilot: Anchor Chuck Darling (played by Kelsey Grammar) returns to his roots in Pittsburgh to work once again with Kelly Carr (played by Patricia Heaton).

Episode 2: Fish Story: Kelly doesn't believe that Chuck has what it takes to be a parent.

Episode 3: The First Supper: Chuck joins Kelly and Gracie for an awkward supper at a restaurant.

Episode 4: A Gentleman Always Leads: In order to impress his former colleagues, Chuck tries to wrest the lead story away from Kelly.

Episode 5: A Night of Possibilities: Kelly is upset with Chuck when he turns down a dinner invite from Ryan.

Episode 6: Gracie's Bully: Chaos happens when Gracie's class comes to WURG on a field trip.

Episode 7: Something's Up There: Just before Gracie's birthday party, Kelly discovers a raccoon up in the attic.

Episode 8: Cradle to Grave: Chuck babysits Gracie while Kelly has to give the eulogy at a funeral.

Episode 9: Business or Pleasure: A rival anchor asks Kelly out on a date.

Episode 10: The Wall of Fame: Marsh throws a surprise party for Chuck at which he and Kelly discover an incriminating photo of themselves.

Episode 11: Hug and Tell, Part 1: Kelly and Chuck visit a therapist to discuss her anxiety over telling Gracie that Chuck is her father.

Episode 12: Two Steps Forward, One Step Back, Part 2: Gracie adjusts to the fact that Chuck is her father.

Episode 13: The New Boss: Chuck and Kelly have to step in when the new station manager wants to make a bunch of changes.

Episode 14: Chuck and Kelly, Doin' It Again: An ad campaign makes Chuck and Kelly hesitate over telling people they are parents.

Episode 15: Date Night: Chuck accuses Kelly of dating the rival anchor because he is a younger version of Chuck.

Episode 16: House of Tomorrow: Kelly is not sure she likes Chuck's new modern house.

Episode 17: Hostage Watch: A bank robber requests that Chuck negotiate his release.

Special Features: Making of Featurettes, Gag Reel

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