The Rasmus

Coming from Finland this band is sort of on the fringes of the rock industry with their native country not being known as a hotbed of music acts, but they have enlisted the know how of high profile rock producer Desmond Child (who has worked with the likes of Bon Jovi, Alice Cooper and Ricky Martin).

The album is a strong follow up to the success of their first release back in 2003. Like many European acts they were big in their home continent but did not make much of an impact over here in North America. Changing their sound from a mix of rapcore and funk to pop to alternative and finally their most recent incarnation as a 'death pop' band, the band seems quite comfortable exploring all areas of music. I'm not sure what death pop is exactly but their album is a mix of dark lyrics with a pop rock sound. What will grab your attention in regards to this album is its diversity and unpredictability. Hopefully for fans sake there will not be five years inbetween this and their next release.

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