Life is a Dream Preview

To launch the Centaur Theatre's Brave New Looks series is this production presented in association with the Scapegoat Carnivale company of Montreal. Brave New Looks is not part of the subscription category at the Centaur Theatre, so it really depends on its walk-up and individual ticket sales to get by. Continue Reading


This is another Quebec francophone band that has found plenty of success with their English recordings. Continuing on along the 80s rock music vein, the band still uses synthesizers and grinding guitar work to build their wall of sound. The band's first album was a big success and that is Continue Reading

Melissa Etheridge

It is now officially the beginning of the Christmas season (even though it is only around Halloween) as I've had to review my first Christmas CD. This one from Melissa Etheridge is exactly what you would expect from her as it is full of rocky versions of Christmas standards and Continue Reading

Sylvain Cossette

There is nothing inherently wrong with recording an album filled with cover songs. Actually some of them are quite interesting as it allows you to hear how a particular artist can interpret existing works and make them their own. The thing that makes this album an uninteresting one is that Continue Reading