Life is a Dream Preview

To launch the Centaur Theatre's Brave New Looks series is this production presented in association with the Scapegoat Carnivale company of Montreal. Brave New Looks is not part of the subscription category at the Centaur Theatre, so it really depends on its walk-up and individual ticket sales to get by. With the type of talent assembled in this production that should not make anyone involved break out into a sweat.

Directed by Alison Darcy, quickly becoming one of Montreal's most respected actor/directors, based on the work by Pedro Calderon de la Barca and translated by Edwin Honig, "Life is a Dream" is a work of fantasy featuring the story of Prince Segismundo who has been imprisoned since he was born in a mountain cavern due to a vision predicting that he would grow up to be a tyrant. As the elderly King Basilio realizes that he will soon die he releases the prince and grants him the chance to be ruler for one day. The king (and everyone) else hopes that the prince will disprove the prophecy.

Ultimately the play is one that plays with our definitions of fantasy and reality along with a moralistic look at forgiveness and redemption. The cast, director and set designer (Sarah Yaffe) are some of the best we've got in Montreal, so this looks to be a treat for theatergoers.

Additional Information:
-Venue: 453 St Francis Xavier
-Ticket Purchase: (514) 288-3161
-Ticket Prices: $10, $15
-Show Times: Nightly @ 7:30 and Sunday matinees @ 1:30

Photos by Karl Graboshas

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