Blue Rodeo

One of the most enduring and endearing bands in Canadian music history played an acoustic set in their adopted hometown of Toronto at the Massey Hall. This CD/DVD collection is the result of that special concert. The acoustic set contains a nice mix of the old ("Try", "5 Days in May" and "Bad Timing") and the new ("Blue House" and "3 Hours Away"). The entire band seems to be having a good time with this format.

The documentary is directed by Chris Mills and contains plenty of back stage footage from the show. I have to say the concert part is not the greatest – shot very weirdly – but the documentary is strong enough to make up for it.

CD Setlist:
1) 5 Days in May
2) Crying Over You
3) Rebel
4) Blue House
5) 3 Hours Away
6) Try
7) To Love Somebody
8) Know Where You Go
9) Tell Me Your Dream
10) Bad Timing
11) Losing You

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