Thea Gilmore

Full of emotion and serious stuff, British artist Thea Gilmore's eighth album makes her one of the more stunning discoveries of the year. This is another case of a British act not making much of a splash over here and as a result we haven't really had the chance to get to know her. Run, don't walk, to buy this one.

She has been playing music since her teenage years and now at 28 she has been named as the best songwriter in Britain in the last 10 years. No small feat! This album goes from the darkest of personal times to the lightest. We get to travel through the tough times of this artist's life on to some better times. She allows us into her head and heart through her music and writes about how the power of music saved her.

The album has a 'soft' sound about it with her warm voice and the focus on the acoustic guitar. There are also some beautiful instrumental touches such as the cello and the violin added in to the mix. It is a mix of folk and pop rock.

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