Suzie McNeil

This is an anticipated sophomore album from the former Rock Star: INXS contestant. There's plenty of pressure on her after the reality show and being nominated for the Juno for Best New Artist. People want to see if she is the real deal.

The first single from the album was on the radio all the time and "Believe" was also used in the reality show "The Biggest Loser". Canadian gal Suzie McNeil's second single from the album is "Let Go" and besides radio play it is also being used as the theme song for the reality show "The Next Star". She obviously has not shunned the whole reality show thing.

On the down side this is a generic sounding rock album. There are some rockers and some tugging on the heart strings ballads. No going out on a limb here and nothing to set her apart from other acts. On the other hand, there is nothing offensive or painful on the album either. It is definitely a middle of the road album.

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