Dan in Real Life

Actor Steve Carell is well suited for dramadies as he is not worried about allowing himself to look stupid and he is a good actor, so he can handle the more serious elements. Of course it helps when you have Juliette Binoche and Dianne Wiest to act with and a well-written script to work with. There are not tons of films made today for adults and it is really a pleasant surprise when there is one that is good.

Newspaper columnist Dan Burns (Steve Carell – from television's The Office) writes about relationships and families, so it is surprising to find out that his own is a mess. His wife has died, he is still mourning her and he does not relate too well to his own daughters.

Dan brings his three daughters to his parents' cottage for a family gathering. Deciding he needs a break from all this family time, Dan heads off to a bookstore where he is mistaken for an employee by a woman (Juliette Binoche – Chocolat, The English Patient). There is an instant attraction between the two, which Dan believes might be going somewhere, but his hopes are crushed when he returns home to find out that the mystery woman is his younger brother Mitch's (Dane Cook – My Best Friend's Girl, Good Luck Chuck) girlfriend, Marie.

To keep family harmony, Marie and Dan pretend they are strangers and agree that nothing can happen between them. They are not too successful as they find themselves growing more and more attracted to one another the more time they spend together. The pull between love and family becomes a very difficult one for Dan.

This is a heartfelt story about family and finding true love when you have no hope. The relationship between Binoche and Carell is great as their chemistry is strong. It is nice to see a non-20 something relationship onscreen. All adults watching the film will also be thankful that the comedy in the film is not of the lowest common denominator type that seems to be so prevalent today. There is plenty of witty and intelligent jokes/humour throughout the film for the more discriminating types. You will find yourself laughing and being moved by one expertly made package.

Special Features:
-Just Like Family: The Making of Dan in Real Life
-Handmade Music: Creating the Score
-Deleted scenes
-Sneak Peeks of Wall.E, Army Wives: The Complete First Season, Disney Blu-Ray Disc, Becoming Jane, Ugly Betty on ABC, and Enchanted.

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