Salon Passion Chocolat and Cie

If you are looking for a fun activity this weekend, you should head down to the "Salon Passion Chocolat & Cie" taking place at the Palais De Congres. If you love chocolate and sweets in general, you will find plenty here to satisfy your sweet tooth.

The Salon Passion Chocolat has plenty of local companies displaying some really unique chocolates but there are also wines, cookies, coffee, teas and jams to be sampled as well. We were impressed with the taste of Domaine Pinnacle Ice Cider. Each 375ml bottle consists of over 80 apples that are hand picked late in the season. We sampled the sparkling version and the cream one. Both were excellent. Le Surfin Chocolatier had numerous top quality chocolates on display such as Fine Champagne, Coeur Citronné and one of their best sellers, the delicious Moulin Royal Praliné feuilletine. Monique Des Rosiers of Douce Soeur caught our attention with her lovely chocolate bouquets, which not only are appealing to the eye but surely a delight to taste. We tried their Croque en Bouche, a bark made with crunchy butter caramel and almonds smothered in 70% dark chocolate. What a yummy treat. At Chocolaterie Suisse, we liked Maracaibo Clasificado 65%, an extra-dark chocolate that is definitely worth trying. You can purchase different kinds in regular bar sizes. Le Bourdais Distribution had some enticing products as well such as various fruit jams and mouth watering chocolate spreads. The Santos Bourbon Coffee spread is a must try. Chocolats Privilege opened in 1995 and has a wide assortment of chocolates for every taste such as maple, caramel, lemon and if you are adventurous, try the combination of basil, lemon and vodka.

Mere Michele from Baie-Comeau was offering tantalizing chocolates such as the tasty blueberry, cherry, maple and chicoutai, which are made with quality ingredients. Thamar had various choices of dates from Tunisia, California and Iran. Their varieties include almond paste with ginger and almond paste with coffee. An interesting dessert. I have always been kind of curious to try chili chocolate but was hesitant because the combination is not something that most of us are used to right? I decided to throw caution to the wind at the Taboo Chocolates counter and gave it a try. It was a mix of chili pepper and cinnamon covered in dark chocolate. Let's just say that it is an acquired taste but interesting nevertheless. Same goes for the Raspberry and Balsamic. We thoroughly enjoyed the Ginger and Lime flavored one and are confident that you will appreciate this flavor as well.

As you can see, there are plenty of flavors to be discovered and there is something for everyone. Do keep in mind that while some samples at kiosks are complimentary, many of them have to be purchased. Full sized gourmet products and boxed chocolates are available for purchase as well. Also make sure to check out various activities such as fashion shows and painting with chocolate. We saw an artist painting the new President of the United States, Barack Obama. An event not to be missed.

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