Divine Brown Showcase

Quietly this lady has been making quite a career for herself in the Canadian R&B/Soul front. She has also been a member of the cast in shows like "Ain't Misbehavin'" and "Rent". A woman who just oozes talent. Practically growing up on stage this lady is a veteran even though she might be fairly new to most of us.

This special showcase was to present her new album (her second release) "The Love Chronicles" to the Montreal crowd. The 12 songs on the CD brings the listener through many of the permutations of soul music. It is like a trip down soul memory lane. And trust me this is a trip you'll be wanting to take!

Armed with plenty of charisma and a powerful voice she took the stage at the intimate venue of Cabaret Musée Juste Pour Rire. Most of her songs have a kind of old school feeling to them. From sampling from Corey Hart's "Sunglasses at Night" on her song "Sunglasses" to playing a song that will remind you of the disco era ("Boogie Slide") to even further back with her dipping into the doo-wop sound ("Lay It On the Line") this woman has plenty of influences which she manages to meld into her own sound which is plenty fresh.

First off Miss Brown has a heart stopping voice that can range from the lowest of lows to the highest of notes. And she has no problem just letting loose and blowing your hair back with her sheer power at times. Besides the great voice she also moves around the stage with a confidence you don't often see; the women definitely has a commanding presence. Within the show there was plenty of Mowtown-style choreography that she and her two background singers partook in.

Besides the release of her album, Divine Brown will be playing shows across Canada while she is opening up for the Backstreet Boys. Make sure you catch her live!

1) Sunglasses
2) Jump Start
3) Old-School Love
4) Bebe
5) Next Best Thing
6) Lay It On the Line
7) One More Chance
8) Boogie Slide
9) Meet Me at the Roxy

Website: www.divinebrown.ca

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