New Kids on the Block

Backstreet's back! Ooops, wrong boy band…New Kids on the Block are back with their first album in 14 long years. Though they are all older and wiser their music is still the same. It is boy band pop music. Not that that is a bad thing if you dig that sort of sound. Yes, the content has changed from puppy dog love to outright discussion of sex, but that's to be expected, no?

The band's longtime fans will be happy that the 'kids' did not leave them behind for death metal or electronica. Same old same old. The only element missing is the slow dance ballad. You'll find none here as it is all upbeat and peppy on this album. They have plenty of invited guests on the album such as Pussycat Dolls, Ne-Yo, New Edition, Akon, and Lady Gaga.

Make sure you pick up the Deluxe Edition of "The Block" as you will get four extra songs and a foldout poster booklet. Great extras for big fans!

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