An Immoral End To A Meaningful Relationship – Part I

I'm the first one to admit that I have made several mistakes in my life. Nevertheless, the biggest relationship blunder I have ever made was a real biggie

I was "in love" for seven years with the same woman. Signs of romance erosion first appeared about half way through our extended relationship. Slowly but surely, our hope for eternal love began to wear away. One nasty remark or argument after another made the pain more acute as time went on and on and on…

The problem was that after these shouting duels, we often realized how trivial the subject matter was and we made up for at least a short period. This wicked spiral of decent continued for several years. Make up, break up, make up, break up and so on, like an endless loop, I felt stuck in "The Twilight Zone."

The relationship continued its bumpy course until I just couldn't handle it any more. My overall satisfaction within the relationship fell way below fifty percent so we decided to go for counseling-but that didn't help. It seemed nothing could help…I felt stuck, unwanted and unloved most of the time. It was sad and I needed a way out.

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