Cinemania Film Festival Wrap Up

There has been a debate going on lately about the quality of films being made in the present day. A lot of grumblings about how they don't make them like they used to are being heard. At certain points during the year (especially the last two years) I could be persuaded to agree with that argument, but every year when I attend the Cinemania Film Festival I am reinvigorated and more hopeful about the state of films today.

Founder Maidy Teitlebaum and her Managing Director Genevieve Royer search high and low all year round for just the right films to present to us at the festival. You can tell watching the films (whether they are masterpieces or not) that plenty of thought went into the choices made. You can see anything from dramas to romantic comedies to thrillers to comedies at the festival. They have chosen with the audience in mind.

This is a world undergoing much change and turmoil at this time and it is nice to be able to 'escape' for a short while and immerse yourself in a good film. Films coming from France and French language films seem to have the ability to allow you to lose yourself within them. They are concerned with humans and the human experience. You can be certain that each film is about a person or people and is oftentimes very relatable. Films are supposed to entertain us while teaching us something about ourselves and/or the world around us. This mandate is fulfilled at this festival.

Whether you were laughing at the state of modern day coupledom with films like "What If…" or "Tonight I'll Sleep at Yours" or filled with tension by films like "The Vanishing Point" or "Mark of an Angel" you are being entertained. The films in this festival will feed all your emotions to the point of complete satisfaction. That is all that really has to be said. This film festival fulfills its mandate of bringing French language films to everyone. Accessibility, folks! And it makes us feel at the same time. Bravo!

All the other stuff like the fact that the film "Versailles" by the director Pierre Schoeller and featuring the recently, tragically deceased actor Guillaume Depardieu won the Mel Hoppenheim Prix du Public or that attendance was up yet again is really just icing on the cake for the organizers. They should sleep well at night with the knowledge that they have done an exceptional job and renewed at least one person's faith (and I'm sure more) in the power of film. See you next fall!

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