Image + Nation Film Festival Preview

Image + Nation can now drink anywhere in the world as it is celebrating its 21st birthday. To celebrate the 21st year of the festival some of the best films from the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered communities will be screened.

Queer films are no longer always on the fringes done on shoestring budgets; they now have taken their rightful place in the film world. Talent such as Madonna, Patti Smith and Annie Leibovitz are just some examples of the people involved in the films this year. And it is encouraging to see that there are not just Canadian and American films, but rather films from around the world including the Philippines, Israel, France, Australia, England, Spain, Egypt, and Switzerland.

Besides the great films there is also the rare opportunity to take a Master Class given by Toronto's Bruce LaBruce, a well known director and photographer in the gay porn world. He will be presenting his latest film "Otto; Or Up with Dead People" and speaking about his influences and motivations. The Master Class will be happening on November 29th (time and venue to be confirmed).

Additional Information:
-Venues: Imperial Theatre (1432 Bleury)
ONF (1564 St. Denis)
J.A. de Seve Theatre (Concordia University – 1400 de
Maisonneuve West)
-Ticket Purchase: or Imperial Box Office or at the door 1 hour before screening
-Ticket Prices: Adult: $11
Senior/Student: $7
Special Events: $13+
Cinephile: 10 films for $90

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