Space Chimps – Blu-Ray Edition

Animation movies like Shrek, Ratatouille and Over The Hedge have been box office hits with young folks and adults. They are hits because they are visually stunning plus the scripts are witty and appeal to people of all ages. The latest animation film to hit theaters is called "Space Chimps," written and directed by Kirk De Micco.

A circus-performing chimp named Ham III (Andy Samberg) who is grandson of the first chimpanzee in space, is more interested in performing crazy stunts then following in his grandfather's footsteps. One thing leads to another and Ham winds up on an unforgettable space adventure with Lieutenant Luna (Cheryl Hines) and their by-the-book commander Titan (Patrick Warburton). They land on the planet Malgor and show their courage by risking their own lives to save the inhabitants from an evil dictator named Zartog (Jeff Daniels).

This film's screenplay is well written. It's a fun adventure story with a positive message. The theme is simply to believe in yourself. It goes beyond the usual cute and funny to delve into a more substantial issue. The film asks such lofty questions as who are we and what meaning have we given life. The monkeys in the film are really just hairy, shorter versions of human beings. We are even led to question how we treat animals. Director/screenwriter Kirk De Micco (screenwriter/producer for the film Racing Stripes) has instilled the film with this kind of substance without making it too boring for kids. The monkeys are still fun.

The animation is visually entertaining as well. With plenty of cool CGI animation to keep young and old entertained.

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