Ani DiFranco Concert Preview

Having released over 20 albums, won some Grammy Awards and become a feminist icon is all that Ani DiFranco has accomplished so far in her music career. Obviously, I'm using sarcasm when I write that as this woman has gained quite a reputation amongst her peers. If you need any more evidence of her tour de force nature – she also has her own label, Righteous Babe Records.

Di Franco has been playing and busking pretty much since the age of nine. As an adult she has earned the reputation (the hard way) as a tour demon. She toured so much that she developed tendonitis as a result. Her music is quite grassroots in how it is done and she herself has supported several political and cultural movements or causes. There is no label promotion or radio play for this lady. Her 4 million in record sales has been due to constant touring and word of mouth.

Stylistically her music has been called either alternative or folk rock, but that is a little simplistic. The lyrics are very autobiographical dealing with sex, racism, sexism, sexual abuse, and poverty. This combination of the personal and political has gained her a rather large following in the college population.

This all-ages show is seated general admission.

Additional Information:
-Ticket Purchase: or (514)908-9090
-Ticket Price: $42.50 (plus taxes and service charges)
-Show Time: 8:00 (Doors @ 6:30)
-Opening Act: Pieta Brown

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