Band of Brothers – Blu-ray Edition

You couldn't have done better viewershipwise and or won more awards (several Emmys and a Golden Globe) than this Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg produced HBO miniseries. It is also the highest selling television-on-DVD of all time. No small feat when you think of miniseries like "Winds of War", "Roots" and "The Thornbirds" that came before it.

An epic World War II story told in 10 parts based on Stephen E. Ambrose's best-selling non fiction book. It is the story of the soldiers who make up the Easy Company airborne unit. We follow these soldiers from bootcamp until the bitter end. I'm happy to say the history involved during this time is realistically depicted.

The Easy Company parachutes into France at the beginning of D-Day in 1944 and led the offensives at Market-Garden and Rhine. They then continued on to fight during the Battle of the Bulge, liberate a concentration camp and gained control of Hitler's Eagle Nest retreat at Berchtesgaden. If there was anything dangerous and difficult to be done the Easy Company was sent to do it.

You will go through a whole rainbow of emotions while watching this miniseries. These men are brave, heroic and become tighter than tight due to the circumstances. We really get a realistic picture of what it must have been like for these men during these crazy times. There is no sugarcoating the men, their behaviour and what they had to live through.

Every detail is examined and nothing is considered too small to spend time on it. As a result you really begin to feel what each of these men is feeling. Whether they are angry, bitter, cynical or just plain scared, the feelings of each of the soldiers is given some screen time.

The entire series is made that much better due to the high quality of the script, the talent of the actors and the guidance of the director. Though there are some known actors in the cast such as David Schwimmer, Ron Livingston, Simon Pegg, Donnie Wahlberg, Neal McDonough, and Scott Grimes the majority of the large cast is made up of unknowns and they do a phenomenal job. Everything about this series pays tribute to these men and the incredible sacrifices they made.

Everything is made more clear and stunning to look at due to the high definition of Blu-ray. The film is given a grainy look typical of the time depicted and the sound is incredible.

Special Features:
-In the Words of Easy Company: Picture-in-Picture Video Commentary
-In the Field with the Men of Easy Company: Interactive Field Guide
-We Stand Alone Together: The Men of Easy Company
-The Making of Band of Brothers
-Ron Livingston's Video Diaries
-HBO's Premiere Screening of Miniseries on the Beaches of Normandy

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