Tracy Chapman

Twenty years from the date of her first recording Tracy Chapman is back with her latest (and ninth) album filled with the same type of earnest, moving and simple yet multi-layered music. The woman has the heart of a poet and the voice of a minstrel.

When you listen to Tracy Chapman songs they seem so innocuous and harmless that you wouldn't think them to be protests. They seem more like lullabies that you would sing to your children. That is the power of them. The songs Tracy Chapmen sings are beautiful calls to action. Her beautiful music makes the strong words she uses sting a little less. But make no mistake they still pack plenty of punch.

Not all of the album is political as there are some love songs. Songs about obsessive love, songs about mature love and about people who are afraid to commit. Even her songs about love are never trivial; they can be witty, but never mundane. She shows us that love does hurt, but is ultimately worth it.

Everything on the album is gentle, but still tries to prod you into the right direction.

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