Meet Dave – Blu-ray Edition

While this is a decent family flick (Mr. Murphy keeps his potty mouth in check) it certainly isn't the type of flick that a recent Oscar Award nominee should follow up his nominated performance with. Not unless you want to get on the Cuba Gooding Jr. post-Oscar bus. And this is a bus that travels through the poorer areas of town.

A crew of miniature aliens led by The Captain (Eddie Murphy – Shrek 2, Daddy Day Care) are sent to Earth with a mission to save their people. The ship (Eddie Murphy) the aliens ride in looks exactly like the captain. The ship is damaged when it has an accident with a car and decides to strike out on its own non-emotional way with the goal of learning more about humans. It spends time with Gina (Elizabeth Banks – Role Models, W), the woman who hit him with her car, and her son Josh (Austyn Myers – first film).

The first part of the film is a spoof on human behaviour, which provides some funny moments. It also tries to shed some light on our rampant consumerism and the desire to all be the same. Murphy plays the role with a bit of Steve Martin and Buster Keaton to him. But by the time we get to the latter parts of the film the story and subtle messages are watered down. Which is a shame. It is often the case with comedy that once they establish a message they back down. Why is it seen as such a bad thing to laugh and learn at the same time? Time for Hollywood filmmakers to have a heart, a funnybone and a brain.

This is a light Disney-style comedy for all ages. Though there are some funny moments and the film does have plenty of heart it still does not make up for its overall weakness. Or should we think that "Showgirls" was an aberration and that if you go to an Eddie Murphy film expect silly and nothing more.

Special Features:
-Gag reels
-Deleted scenes
-Crew Profiles
-Alternate Ending
-The Making Of Meet Dave
-Fox Movie Channel Presents . . . Life After Film School With Director Brian Robbins
-Fox Movie Channel Presents . . . Making A Scene
-Fox Movie Channel Presents . . . World Premiere

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