Rod Stewart

When you've had as lengthy and successful a career as Rod Stewart then you can convince your fan base (as wide as it is) to buy what amounts to a CD full of songs they already have and a DVD full of videos they have already seen plenty of times. Continue Reading

Various Artists

When people out there think of women's music most of the time we think of sad or sappy ballads. Admit it! Well, this 12th version of the Women and Songs goes a long way to disprove that notion. Woman can groove (Danity Kane, and Lady GaGa), rock (Katy Perry and Continue Reading

Not Just Blonde

Just because you decide to go blonde, even platiunum blonde, does not mean that you are married to just that one colour. Adding a dash of another colour, especially an eye catching one like blue or red, adds a whole different flair to your look. It breaks it up a Continue Reading