Swingtown- The First Season

Anyone that grew up in the 1970's will relate to the social and cultural propensities of "Swingtown", which follows the lives of a set of compelling characters residing in a swanky 1976 Chicago neighbourhood. The program, smacks of veracity, at times so honest and real you may feel like diving into your flat-screen with hope of landing back in that convoluted era. The swingers, who are too hot for conflagration, the women's Liberation movement, that has created greater equality for women throughout the western world, self-development and friends and neighbours is what Swingtown embodies.

The program begins with Susan (Molly Parker) and Bruce Miller's family (Jake Davenport) move to a high-brow manor just outside of Chicago. The Parker's become intrigued by their neighbours open-mindedness, not to mention their open-marriage. Indeed, Trina (Lana Parrilla) And Tom Decker (Grant Snow) are the epitome of the mid-nineteen seventies life-style.

I still remember the 1976 Olympics in Montreal, bell-bottom jeans, Disco white suits and cockroachkiller shoes. I now look back on 1976 with a smirk on my face, the year was filled with characters that have become clichéd since then, yet who are accurately portrayed in one of the best time period pieces presented on cable television in years.

This CBS audience favourite only lasted one season, most of the episodes were aired during this past summer when most of us were outside enjoying the warmer temperatures; hopefully this 4 disc DVD first season collection will spark interest in new viewers. If enough people buy this DVD set, who knows, perhaps it will get a second life/season. Spread the word about "Swingtown," a creative show with a superb cast and story that needs to be seen to be appreciated.

Special Feature:
-The Spirit Of "76" (the making of Swingtown)
-Have a nice revolution: Sex and Morality in 1970's America
– Audio commentaries
– Gag Reel
– Deleted scenes

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