Hot Rod – Blu-Ray Edition

Oftentimes being successful on Saturday Night Live does not translate to success on the big screen (Hello, Tim Meadows, Chris Kattan, Jon Lovitz). There have been members of the comedy skit troupe who have gone on to do well in film, such as Adam Sandler, Eddie Murphy and Dan Ackroyd, but it seems to be hit and miss. SNL member Andy Samberg is the hottest new member of the show, but so far his appeal has not translated to films.

Rod Kimble (Andy Samberg) is a stuntman wannabe who drives his scooter around town performing crazy stunts. Unfortunately he is not a very good stuntman and most of the stunts fail miserably. Undaunted he and his crew, step-brother Kevin (Jorma Taccone – from television's Saturday Night Live), Rico (Danny R. McBride – The Foot Fist Way) and Dave (Bill Hader – Knocked Up, You, Me and Dupree), continue putting on crazy stunts.

When Rod finds out that his despised step-father (Ian McShane – from television's Deadwood) is dying because he needs a heart transplant and cannot afford the $50,000 fee he decides to attempt the stunt of jumping 15 schoolbuses in order to try to raise the money so his father can get better. Rod doesn't do this because he loves his step-father rather he wants him to get better so he can kick his ass and finally gain his respect. Former high school friend Denise (Isla Fisher – Wedding Crashers, I Heart Huckabees) is back in town so she joins the crew and the intense training for the stunt begins.

I think that Samberg and his team are good in small doses but when they try to stretch out their ideas to 90 minutes it wears a bit thin. It tries to appeal to the same crowd as Anchorman, Napoleon Dynamite and 40-Year-Old Virgin, but does not quite make it. There is plenty of randomly absurd scenes and off kilter humour, but for me they did not work. It felt a little forced as if they were trying to be quirky or random. Being stupid and infantile is not necessarily funny. There is a fine art and Samberg has not constructed a Picasso. It falls into the you either will love it or hate it category of films. Probably will be popular with the teenage (and especially male) crowd.

Special Features:
-Deleted and extended scenes
-Original theatrical trailer
-Behind the Scenes

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