Jingle All the Way – Blu-ray Edition

This film treads tricky waters with its attempt to fuse social satire with mindless comedy. It tries to point our that society has gone way overboard with our pursuit of commercial items. We all feel the pull to purchase goods that we don't really need. This might be too heady stuff for a family film that is primarily just trying to make you laugh.

Howard (Arnold Schwarzenegger – Twins, Commando) is a workaholic who manages to disappoint his wife (Rita Wilson – Runaway Bride, Sleepless in Seattle) and son (Jake Lloyd – Star Wars: Episode 1 – The Phantom Menace) at every turn. After missing yet another family event, Howard vows to get his son the toy he wants for Christmas. What Howard doesn't realize is that the Turbo Man doll his son wants is the most popular toy of the season. A new shipment will be arriving in stores on Christmas Eve and with the amount of parents that have the same idea as Howard the stores become a war zone.

We have seen films like this many times with a simple idea being made into a 90 minute feature film. The idea is stretched a little to thin and wears on us after a while. It is another film where Arnold Schwarzenegger shows he is not afraid to be put into a myriad of silly situations in order to get a laugh.

What is strange about the film is how negative it is about everything about Christmas. Every Santa Claus in the film is disgusting, the child would much rather a toy for Christmas rather than spending time with his father and people fighting each other tooth and nail for a toy. These kind of scenes make this a 'different' kind of family Christmas film.

Special Features:
-Extended version of film
-The Making of a Hero
-Super Kids
-Turbo Man: Behind the Mask

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