The House Bunny – Blu-ray Edition

Playboy bunny Shelley (Anna Faris) is evicted from the Playboy mansion for being too old. She's 27, if you can believe that! As she has no where else to live, Shelley becomes house mother for a sorority that is on its last legs. The Zetas are complete misfits and Shelley decides she can teach them what she knows – how to be sexy. They begin their own version of a charm school. Shelley gives them all a makeover in the hopes of finding them all boyfriends. The sorority girls do all this in the hope of getting the 30 members they need to stay in existence. It goes so well that the Zetas begin to raise their profile in the university and start getting new pledges.

To pay Shelley back for all she has done for them the Zetas teach her a new way of attracting a man (Colin Hanks) she likes. Oliver does not seem to fall for Shelley's usual sexy ways, so the girls teach her a fresh approach – how to be smart in order to attract men.

It's a story as old as the hills with an outcast coming in to teach a bunch of misfits how to be popular. What keeps our interest is the fun cast. Anna Faris is the right combination of ditzy, sexy and lovable. We want her to be a success and root for her. The supporting cast, including American Idol alum Katherine McPhee and Demi Moore and Bruce Willis's daughter Rumer Willis are all enthusiastic and perfectly cast. If you are a fan of comedy with some very likeable romance thrown in for good measure then hurry to rent or buy a copy of the film.

Special Features:
-House Bunny Style: Make-up/hair/wardrobe documentary on making over the Zeta girls into "Bunnies"
-The Girls of Zeta: A look into the actresses who make up the sorority girls of Zeta and how they bonded on-set
-Calendar Girls: A fun look into the photo shoot for the calendar
-Anna Faris: House Mom: A look at Anna Faris and her character of "Shelley", her infectious smile, fun personality and interactions with others
-Colin Hanks: Mr. Nice Guy
-From Song to Set: Katherine McPhee: A look at the on-set experiences of first-time actress Katharine McPhee
-From Tour Bus to Trailer: Tyson Ritter: A look at the on-set experiences of first-time actor Tyson Ritter
-Look Who Dropped By: Checkout the stars who showed up on-set!
-The Girls Upstairs: Behind the scenes with the real "Girls Next Door"
-Zetas Transformed
-Getting Ready for a Party
-House Bunny Memories
-I Know What Boys Like Music Video by Katharine McPhee
-Deleted Scenes

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