Ashes Divide

Billy Howerdel was a member of rock band A Perfect Circle and now has a new group called Ashes Divide. The sound of his new band is totally directed by his guitar playing. His guitar playing will be instantaneously recognizable to fans of A Perfect Circle as there is no one who sounds like him. A self-taught player, he wrings plenty of emotion out of those 6 little strings.

With this band he not only plays guitar and writes songs, but also sings. You can still hear the influences of 80s bands like The Cure in what he is doing now. It mixes New Wave sensibilities with anthemic rock.

After working with some of the biggest names in rock music (David Bowie, Guns 'n Roses, Fishbone) it is not surprising that he gets contributions from a member of Concrete Blonde and Alkaline Trio. Unlike his previous work this is less collaborative and more a true picture of what Billy Howerdel the artist is like.

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