Encounters Of The Questionable Kind

I think, more often than not, most of my relationship troubles stem from having too much fun in public. This disorderly wild excitement can only lead me to a state were I am uninhibited and free to make as many bad decisions as I feel necessary.

Heading off to drink shooters for a dollar apiece on a weeknight is probably the first mistake. Sitting down at a strange guy's table after we're 'happy' is probably the second. Bringing along a drinking companion, who normally gets intoxicated faster then I do, in order keep me on the safe and narrow has got to be the third and final mistake on any given evening.

Drinking, dancing and a little teasing move us all through the evening until I decide I must go home and find out I have company. I guess I have invited someone with me and at the time it seems like a great idea. This particular example happened while I was living in a dorm room – so not only was it a bad experience, but we slept on a tiny single bed that he insisted on sharing all night. How to make him disappear? In truth he was a rather good looking guy and nice, but terrible in bed.

Of course, not all one-night stands end so badly. Some are perfectly harmless. Some are just terrifying; never make the mistake of giving them your phone number. Sure as anything, the ones who were completely unpleasant will be calling you for a repeat encounter.

It's just like the movie business, we'll call you if we need you-this basically means never. The only motto I can think of is chose your partner before you get too inebriated, at least then you'll only have yourself to blame.

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