Granby Zoo in the Winter Preview

You don not have to wait until the snow melts to visit the animals at Granby Zoo. Pack the family into the car and take the quick 60 minute drive south of Montreal to Granby to see all the animals in their large zoo. During the winter you are not missing out on anything and you even get to see a unique side of the zoo which was not available to you during other seasons.

Despite the fact that many of the Zoo's animals are of the exotic variety from warmer climates in Africa, Asia, Oceania, and South America they stay at the Zoo yearlong. You'll be delighted to find out that many of these new Canadians actually enjoy our winter season. Of course, many of the species at the Zoo were chosen for their adaptability to our harsh winter season.

In a kind of head start though some of the animals from Asia and South America have the advantage of already knowing below freezing temperatures. South American animals like the llamas and alpacas live in high altitudes in which it gets quite cold and Asian animals like snow monkeys and Asiatic black bears are used to snow. Seeing them against the backdrop of the snow is quite beautiful. Other African animals like zebras and lions grow thicker coats to help them throughout the colder winter months

Other animals do not venture out during the winter and so the Zoo has built them indoor facilities to live in. The temperatures in their indoor habitats are fixed to be what they would live in outdoors. As such, you will still be able to visit the lemurs and flamingos. Special pavilions have also been constructed so you will be able to see large animals like giraffes and elephants up close and personal.

Despite the cold temperatures it is pretty much business as usual at the Granby Zoo with the naturalists and keepers doing presentations, the restaurants are open, instead of strollers you can rent a sled to pull the kids around on, and the Granby Zoo boutique is open.

Additional Information:
-Location: 300 Boul. David Bouchard
-Ticket Purchase: at the Granby Zoo
-Ticket Prices: Individual Day Passes: 13-64: $17.59
3-12: $10.99
Under 3: Free
65+: $13.59
Family Passport: $49.99
Annual Passport: 3-12: $59.99
12-64: $99.00
-Hours: January 10-February 15: 10:00-5:00 (Open Weekends Only)
February 21-March 8: 10:00-5:00 (Open Everyday)

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