Mirrormask – Blu-ray Edition

Fantasy has always been an underappreciated movie genre in my opinion. Many dismiss it because it is not concrete enough for them. I counter argue that with the assertion that most romantic comedies are not based in reality either and yet people enjoy them. Fantasy allows us to explore important themes (love, friendship, loyalty, bravery, etc.) in a slightly different way. I am not arguing that Mirrormask is the best example of fantasy film, but encouraging you to give it a try before simply dismissing it due to its fantasy element.

Helena (Stephanie Leonides) is a young girl who is not thrilled with her life. She no longer wants to be part of a circus act. Being artistically inclined she seems to escape into her drawings when things are going as she wishes. Always seeming to be at odds with her parents, who are also circus performers, Helena does not have much to fall back on but her art.

Things turn strange after she insults her mother (Gina McKee – When Did You Last See Your Father?, The Lair of the White Worm) and somehow she falls into a coma. This pushes Helena further into the dark world of her drawings. Strangely enough the world in her drawings is mirroring her real life. Soon Helena is having to deal with giant stone beings, stupid cat sphinxes, love interests, and a darkness that might take over this fantasy world.

Whether you enjoy the acting and story or not, the film is a stunning one to look at. The cinematography is amazing and of course this is amplified by the fact that it is now being re-released in Blu-ray. The superior nature of the special effects and different creatures is not surprising as they were done by the same people behind the film "Labyrinth" and Jim Henson's Muppets.

Besides all the cool creatures the message of the film is how teenagers deal with the difficulties of becoming adults. It is a film that the whole family can watch and appreciate on several different levels.

Special Features:
-Neil Talks – Interview with writer Neil Gaiman
-Dave Talks About Film – Interview with Director David McKean
-Beginnings – The Genesis of Mirrormask
-Cast and Crew Interviews
-Day 16 – Time Lapse Video of One Entire Day of Production
-Flight of the Monkeybirds – Making the Monkeybird Sequence
-Giant Development – Design and Creation of the Giant Sequence
-Questions and Answers – Q&A Session from the San Diego Comic-con
-Poster and Cover Art Gallery

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