Yo Gabba Gabba! The Dancey Dance Bunch

Another Nickelodeon kids series that aims to entertain at the same time it educates. Host and DJ Lance Rock is accompanied by five different colour characters who sing, dance and play. While playing together the six learn many important lessons like respect, etc. Each of the sketches allows kids the opportunity to do things they enjoy like dancing or drawing. An interesting combo of retro and modern.

Episode 1: Friends: Shows how much fun playing and dancing with friends can be, but at the same time young people should respect each other.

Episode 2: Eat: There's a party going on and it's in your stomach! Toodee discovers how much fun it can be to discover new foods.

Episode 3: Dance: It's dancing time and you'll be taught the steps.

Episode 4: Happy: There are all different kinds of friends and all of them enjoy a hug. Hugging and dancing is even more fun!

Special Features:
-Meet the Dancey Dance Bunch!

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