Saying “I love you”

It's hard to believe that these seemingly simple eight letters have caused so much trouble over the ages. The problem is that these three words are understood and dealt with completely different by the two sexes. It's the whole Venus and Mars thing all over again. As for men….most of Continue Reading


Hinder's last album, "Extreme Behavior", brought them plenty of notoriety and album sales and their follow up "Take it to the Limit" was highly anticipated. They are a kind of throw back band that would have fit right in during the rock heyday of the 1970s. Now on this album Continue Reading

Kanye West

Nevermind the Saturday Night Live fiasco, Kanye West has been one of the most popular and best-selling musical artists over the last 5 years. All this despite his annoying personality. It is proof that it is the talent that counts and not the person. He continues his excellent album releases Continue Reading