Men’s Fashion Trends for Spring 2009

Though it is -30 degrees Celsius outdoors this week it is time to start thinking about Spring fashion. Here are the projected trends for men this spring:

-Plunging necklines: Yes, I did say for men. The v-neck seems to be plunging to lows never before seen.

-Dinner Jackets: Not only for the formal dinner, but paired with a pair of jeans or casual pants for a night at the clubs.

-Metallic Blue: This stunning colour seems to be the fave of designers for the spring.

-Gradient Colours: Colour that goes from light to dark on the same shirt or sweater.

-Eastern Influence: From Nehru jackets to silks whatever is from the East is hot.

-Neckscarves: In all different colours and, of course, jauntily tied with the knot in the front.

-Double-Breasted Jackets: Do they ever go out of style?

-Perforations: In shoes…and remember I did not say mesh!

-Backpacks: Not just for students anymore.

-High Contrast Plaids: Hunh? Is grunge making a comeback?

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