Blue Streak – Blu-ray Edition

There is nothing original about an ex-con posing as a cop in order to retrieve a jewel from a heist he did before getting sent to the big house. With comedic actors like Robin Williams, Jim Carrey or Martin Lawrence you don't necessarily need something original, you just need to have the confidence in them to give them enough rope in order to do their thing. They can oftentimes make the best out of a mess of a story by virtue of their comedic talents. Or, on the other hand, they can have so much rope that they hang themselves with it.

It is the type of film that you just pop in, sit down in front of, relax, and enjoy. No thinking necessary. It will occasionally make you laugh and there are some action sequences thrown in for good measure. Martin Lawrence demonstrated he was comfortable in the cop/comedy genre with the "Bad Boys" series, so this is not a stretch for him.

If you are looking for sophistication or realism then don't bother with this film as it will just annoy you. But going into it you should not expect anything different as no Martin Lawrence film is ever a brain twister. It is the type of film that many will hate and a few will defend to the death. Make your choice.

Miles Logan (Martin Lawrence – Wild Hogs, Big Momma's House) just went from petty thief to big time by robbing one diamond valued at millions of dollars. Unfortunately for him his stint in the big time is quickly replaced by two years in jail. The good news is that Miles was able to hide the diamond before he was arrested. This turns to bad news when he discovers that the building, which was in the process of being built when he hid the diamond, is now a police station.

In order to try and search for the diamond, Miles cooks up the story that he is a reassigned LAPD detective. Ironically enough before he start his search for the diamond Miles is assigned a new partner (Luke Wilson – Blades of Glory, 3:10 to Yuma) and to the burglary division. The jewel thief is now trying to catch thieves.

Special Features:
-Setting up for the Score
-Inside and Undercover
-3 Music Videos

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