Cougars on the Prowl

Throughout history it has been acceptable (commonplace?) for older men to date or marry significantly younger men. It is only recently that the sexes have started to reverse their roles with older women hooking up with younger men.

Older women have complained for years about the mistreatment and neglect they have suffered at the hands of their contemporaries of the opposite sex. Many of these men will not commit (for whatever reason) and just string the woman along. These women of a certain age have discovered that the same is not true with younger men. Younger men seem to be willing to pamper and commit to relationships in larger numbers than do their elder statesmen.

Also, these younger men are full of vitality and eagerness to learn from their partners. A refreshing change from the older, more tired men. It has even got to the point where women like Ivana Trump have been heard to say that she would rather be a babysitter than a nursemaid. Is this just a case of female middle-age crisis for these cougars or is it something else? Food for thought…

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