The Rocker – Blu-ray Edition

After the 20th Century Fox logo leaves the screen, the film starts with a glam rock band called Vesuvius playing for a crowd. Sitting in the best seat in the house, between the guitarist and the singer is drummer Robert "Fish" Fishman (Rainn Wilson). For the next ten minutes, the movie is the story of a cheesy typical sell out music band who want to gain fame and fortune. Fish ends up being kicked out from the group and chasing after his ex-band mates in a weak attempt to make the audience laugh by trying to knock off horror/action films.

For the first fifteen minutes you have the impression that this movie will be terrible, but then, slowly but surely, as each minute goes by and it becomes better with less cheesy jokes that actually will make you laugh half-heartedly. Fish joins his nephew Matt's (Josh Gad) high school band. Josh Gad seems to be almost an exact clone of Jonah Hill from "Superbad", however, Matt is more pathetic, more self-conscious and not really that funny. This band is composed of Kim (Christina Applegate) and Curtis (Teddy Geiger). Teddy Geiger starts off in the movie with the same personality he has out of the film world – Emo and sensitive. Christina Applegate plays the gothic punk band mate with a tough I-can-take-care-of-myself attitude. Thus begins the quest of Robert Fishman, a forty-year-old wash up, to regain his old fame, taken away from him before he could have made it big.

There are some funny lines that made the audience laugh such as: "A lot of elevators play Celine Dion – that doesn't make it right" and "John Lennon is rolling over in his grave to hide the giant boner you just gave him!" The movie is quite enjoyable to watch because it constantly plays Teddy Geiger songs, making this movie a huge publicity vehicle for Teddy to promote his new CD. Unlike many comedies today, the movie isn't repetitive and keeps you in a pleasurable state of comedic suspense.

The Rocker reminded me of a mixture of "The School Of Rock" with Jack Black and "Superbad". I found Rainn Wilson tried too hard to act like a Jack Black type of character in this film where he should have acted more repugnant like he did in "My Super-Ex Girlfriend". The Rocker ended up being very entertaining and portrays the struggle of pursuing a dream though everyone tells you that you will fail as well as showing how when adults grow up, their childhood dreams and personalities die out and they enter a 9-5 job "till the day I die"- Rainn Wilson.

I recommend this movie to all ages, and especially for an older crowd, who should be inspired to follow their childhood dreams, tucked under their pillows for the tooth fairy to collect over time.

Special Features:
-Digital copy
-Deleted scenes
– Rainn Wilson: Office Rocker
– Rock Beat With Fish Fishman
– The Music of THE ROCKER
– Behind The Band: Vesuvius
– Pete Best Interview
– Rock Tales
– Vesuvius Public Service Announcements
– Fox Movie Channel Presents: In Character With THE ROCKER
– MTV Film Festival Panel
– Music Video – "I'm Not Bitter"

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