Montreal Sasquat’ch vs. Vermont Frost Heaves

Coming to the Sasquat'ch's second home game in two nights and seeing that one of the refs was from the previous night's game you kinda felt it wasn't gonna turn out good for the home team. He had taken abuse from the Sasquat'ch coach and players for the entire previous evening and had to remember that. On this night, though, for the most part, Sasquat'ch coach Hasbani left the refs alone, but the result on the scoreboard was pretty much the same.

It was the Saquat'ch's fourth home game of the season and they were sporting a 1-2 record. Their opponents on the evening were the Vermont Frost Heaves. Several fans of the Frost Heaves (what is that anyway?) had made the trip up to Montreal. True fans throughout the game they stomped their feet, yelled at the refs, rang their cowbells (??), and cheered on their boys. It seems to me that Montreal could use some dedicated fans like them.

To start the game Montreal's offence was drier that the Mohave desert, but unlike the night before, their defence was on fire. They were down early and it stayed that way throughout the game. Due to their defence they stayed within striking reach for the most part, but never got closer than within 3 points. You would have to say that there is something missing under the character/leadership column on this team. The game ended with Vermont winning 107-86, but it wasn't all bad for Montreal as they were in the game until the 4th quarter.

The Montreal team is quite speedy and used it to draw many fouls from the Vermont team. On top of their speed the Sasquat'ch put plenty of hustle into their game last night. It was in stark contrast to the apathy they displayed the evening before. The game, though an entertaining one at times, was full of sloppy play from both teams. Point guard Lantrice Green had another hard day at the office. He has to focus a little more and give his team some better minutes and leadership from the point guard position.

There are several areas the team needs to improve in. The team is one of the worst in the league in defensive rebounds. This lack of defensive rebounding gives their opponents plenty of second chance points. Rebounding is about hustle and hard work. The Sasquat'ch have the athleticism they just need to be willing to get down and dirty.

Speaking of hard work the team needs to spend some time practicing their shooting. The team's field goal shooting is very spotty. They need their shooting to be something they can rely on to get back into games or pull ahead of teams with. Right now the only consistent shooter is Randy "White Chocolate" Gill. The rest of the team needs to pick it up in order to get some of the defensive attention off of Gill.

On a related subject the team has to learn not to force it when things are not going well. At times during this game the Sasquat'ch were forcing things or taking shots too early during their 24 seconds. For instance, centre Xavier Morton has to know what he is good at. He is a force in the paint and hard to control. Stick with that, Xavier! On this game, maybe because his teammates were not hitting their shots from the outside, Morton tried a couple himself. He was not successful and should not try it again. Stay within your comfort zone, Xavier.

The Sasquat'ch will now go on the road for a couple of games with their 2-4 record. They are in last place in the PBL Atlantic division. Here's to hoping they can come back to town with a winning record.

Game Stats:
-Scoring by Quarter 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Total
Montreal 20 21 29 16 86
Vermont 27 21 30 29 107
-Point Totals:
Montreal: Randy Gill: 24
John Ruffus: 18
Bobby Miller: 7
Kevin Dulude: 4
Lantrice Green: 10
Louis-Patrick Levros: 3
Quilninious Randall: 2
Jamaal Wise: 11
Xavier Morton: 7

Vermont: John Williams: 25
Greg Plummer: 20
Benson Callier: 11
Chris Gaynor: 7
Joe Nixon: 10
Richard Milsap: 4
Tommy Sanders: 13
Joe Williams: 2
Justin Herndon: 4

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