The Dears Concert Preview

Starting up in 1995 this Montreal-based band was one of the first bright lights on the then emerging Canadian indie music scene. The band can be seen as the godfathers of the present Canadian indie music scene. From the beginning the band was darlings of the critics. That is not Continue Reading


Robotic computer generated backdrops are one of the latest trends in music these days. Kanye's latest is like that and since he is one of the producers of Common's latest album "Universal Mind Control," you will notice that influence on this album as well. Many Hip Hop artists seem to Continue Reading

Tribe After Tribe

An ambitious concept album from Tribe After Tribe. They disappeared for a bit and are now back in a big way. The 16 track album is like a whole story that comments on the world we live in and its precarious position. Maybe it's a little too ambitious and heady Continue Reading

Andrea Plamondon

Andrea Plamondon is a classically trained singer and you can really hear that on this collection of songs from throughout her career. Her voice is powerful, full of range and, at times, haunting. Dabbling in many genres of music, including New Age, opera and even progressive rock, she demonstrates herself Continue Reading

Papa Sean Johnson

This is not your listen to it and cry type blues. It is more along the lines of going out to a blues club and dancing along to the music type album. Vocally Papa Sean is very old school and his guitar playing is marvelous. This Canadian has been playing Continue Reading