Robotic computer generated backdrops are one of the latest trends in music these days. Kanye's latest is like that and since he is one of the producers of Common's latest album "Universal Mind Control," you will notice that influence on this album as well. Many Hip Hop artists seem to be moving away from the same ol', same ol' and trying to revive their music with a fresh sound. While this album may be a bit different sound wise, the content is more or less the same. The title track offers up some dizzying sounds that wind up becoming annoying after a while. "Make My Day" feat. Cee-Lo is cool as is "Changes" feat. Muhsinah. Songs like "Punch Drunk Love" feat. Kanye West and "Announcement" feat. Pharrell are disappointing. "Gladiator" is a good effort. Basically the first half of the album is all gansterish and in the second half Common shows that he actually has some depth and put some thought into the lyrics. Common is a very skilled artist and I think he can do far better than what he has done on this album.

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