Danko Jones

Working with the same producer who has worked with the likes of Foo Fighters, Marilyn Manson and Rush (Nick Raskulinecz) is saying how far Canadian rockers, Danko Jones, have come. They are now able to command the attention and time of some of the better producers in the business.

Recorded in Los Angeles, "Never Too Loud", the album features the lead off single "Take Me Home" is the usual rock stuff we've come to expect from Danko Jones. Everything is kept simple with the focus still staying on constructing catchy riffs and delivering plenty of volume. There's still the same raspy, full on vocals and tons of attitude in his delivery, but somehow the album left me feeling a little unsatisfied.

Maybe the swagger is wearing thin…it even seems to be for him as several of the songs try for it, but don't really get there. Maybe it was the juvenile lyrics about girls and high school that bored me….I don't know exactly, but the album did not do it for me.

On the bright side the album does contain one stand out track, "Never Too Loud", but I'm not sure that's reason enough to buy a whole album.

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