The Bronx

Yes that's right, this is the third self-titled album from the band The Bronx. Just to be clear: this review pertains to the 2008 edition!

The Bronx have been producing albums, self-titled ones no less, since 2002. After six years they are still rocking hard, and this album is no exception. Intense blaring vocals and strong instrumentals make for a collection of songs that will get you bobbing your head and wanting to thrash. Though The Bronx is rooted in the hardcore punk scene, this album has a lot of clear rock influences. The debut single "Knifeman" proves this, with a catchy toe tapping sound, as does "Pleasure Seekers" which brings to mind 90's alt-rock band Jane's Addiction. Overall, an awesome album that is sure to appeal wide range of rock n' rollers.

Stay tuned for The Bronx's early 2009 release, entitled "El Bronx" (I kid you not), which is rumored to be a mariachi album!

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