Women’s Fashion Trends for Spring 2009

Last year's fashion was kind of a mixture of everything from rocker to bohemian chic. This year is going to be more concentrated, feminine and colourful. Here are some of the hottest fashion trends for Spring 2009:

-40's Pinup Girl: Who doesn't want to look like one of these ultra feminine women? Think Katy Perry in the video for "I Kissed a Girl".

-Boyfriend and Skinny Jeans: Boyfriend: Once Katie Holmes and Jennifer Aniston were photographed wearing jeans that looked like they were borrowing their boyfriend/husband's pair the trend took off. Even more trendy if you roll up the cuffs and they have holes in them. Their baggy nature won't make the body conscious too happy, though they are comfortable as heck.
Skinny: Skinny is still in…for jeans, that is. Most of you are thinking "Phew! I won't have to throw out all those tight, skinny jeans I bought this fall."

-Bright Colours: Hey, you want people to be able to pick you out in a crowd, don't you?! Electric blue and shocking pink will be everywhere. And if you combine them you get extra points.

-One Shoulder Dresses and Tops: Geometry and all its angles is the 'it' thing. Plus it allows you to show just enough skin to catch their attention.

-Big, Bold Jewelry: All your jewels/accessories should scream "Notice me!!"

-Bondage/Fetish Wear: From the bandage dress to the super tight and short dress, it all will blur the lines between what you can wear to the office and to an S&M club. What was previously frowned upon before is now full steam ahead.

-Sky-High Heels: The taller the better. Better work on those calf and ankles, ladies.

-Harem Pants: Whether full-length or cropped this will be the most popular dress pant silhouette.

-Jumpsuit: Big and blousy. Whether you are ready for it or not.

-Sexy is Back: A little bit after Justin Timberlake tried to encourage it back we have jumped on to the sexy bandwagon. With sheer fabrics and nearly nude colours being trendy you will be buying clothes that accentuate your hotness.

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