The Tattooist

Despite the fact that the story is not a bad one this film still manages to disappoint. It is supposed to be scary, but it isn't. It is actually laughable in parts. The film certainly uses every cliché in the book and becomes overwhelming in its predictability. Slow and predictable is the kiss of death for a film that is trying to be a thriller/horror.

A young boy's father discovers he has gotten a tattoo of a pentagram. Being a religious man, the father claims his son has brought shame on the family and cuts off the tattoo with a knife.

Grown up the boy, Jake (Jason Behr – The Grudge, The Shipping News), is now a tattoo artist living in Singapore. He is not just a tattooist, but uses his tattoos to try and heal people of whatever afflicts them.

Before leaving Singapore he steals and ancient Maori tattooing instrument from a group of Maoris. He returns to New Zealand and takes his old job back at the tattoo parlor he used to work at. Jake wants to give the instrument back. When he does he meets the female cousin of the Maoris, Sina (Mia Blake – Without a Paddle). Jake falls hard for her. He even tattoos her.

Soon after he starts tattooing he begins to see things in the mirror and his clients begin to die horrible deaths. It is like the tattoos are taking over their bodies. He must figure out what is going on before the tattoo kills Sina.

I know not to expect Shakespearean trained actors to be in films like this, but Jason Behr is really wooden in the film. It is almost as if he is reading his lines off a teleprompter. No emotion. No variation in his voice. Very monotonous. I guess, though, that he was trying to match his performance to the rest of the film

Special Features:
-Deleted scenes
-The Tattooist: Behind the Scenes
-Behind the Tattoo Designs
-The Colors of the Tattooist
-Real Life Samoan Tattoo
-Becoming a Chief
-Previews of Blu-ray Disc is High Definition, Starship Troopers 3: Marauder,, Impact Point, The Take, Zombie Strippers, The Cleaner, The Cottage, April Fool's Day, Black Water, Rise: Blood Hunter, Boogeyman 2, Prom Night, 88 Minutes, The Shield, and Rescue Me

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