The Best of Dr. Katz Professional Therapist

This was Comedy Central's very first animated show and it did well winning them Peabody and Emmy Awards. We get to follow around therapist Dr. Katz during his, for the most part, trying days. He not only has to deal with his patients but also his sarcastic secretary Laura (voiced by Laura Silverman) and his good-for-nothing son, Ben. He has been dubbed the worst therapist with the best patients.

His patients are some of the best comedians around and they come in to talk about their problems. Invariably what they end up talking about is hilarious. There are a whole bunch of great comics to entertain you on this DVD including Dave Chapelle, Sarah Silverman, Janeane Garafolo, Margaret Cho, and Denis Leary. It is like getting some fine stand-up material in animated format.

Special Features:
-Dr. Katz's Favourite Moments Between Laura and Ben

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