National Security – Blu-ray Edition

This is simply a buddy-cop flick with Steve Zahn and Martin Lawrence being the buddies. Going into it knowing that these two guys are involved you realize that it is going to be a comedy. And probably not high brow. There is plenty of silly humour mixed in with race humour in its attempts to make you laugh. The story itself is totally unbelievable, but Lawrence and Zahn make it tolerable due to their decent chemistry.

Two security guards, Earl and Hank, have the fact that they were rejected by the LAPD in common. Earl (Martin Lawrence – College Road Trip, Open Season) couldn't even get in and Hank (Steve Zahn – Rescue Dawn, Daddy Day Care) was kicked out. During a routine traffic stop these two find themselves on opposite sides of an argument, things get heated and they end up partnered up. They are now lowly security guards and hate it.

Somehow the two manage to stumble upon a complex smuggling operation led by a character named Nash (Eric Roberts – The Dark Knight, The Cable Guy). They get some of the stolen goods and now find themselves on the run from the cops and the bad guys.

This film will help you realize that films do not have to be perfect for you to enjoy them on some level. A review or critique of a film should consider the source and what the director, in this case Dennis Dugan (You Don't Mess With the Zohan, The Benchwarmers), hoped to accomplish. Dugan was not going for ripping emotion or a message with the film, he just wanted to make a light, funny, buddy/cop film and in most respects he succeeds. Some of the race humour is borderline racist, but let's not be too politically correct that we cannot laugh, people. Though the comedic stuff will have that kind of recycled smell to it you still will find yourself entertained in a mindless kind of way.

One complaint I do have has nothing to do with the film, but rather, the quality of the print. It really is a rather weak blu-ray – doesn't look sharp or clear, but rather older than a film made in 2003.

Special Features:
-Alternate Ending: "Colm Battles Martin and Steve"
-Deleted Scenes
-Music Video: N.S.E.W by Disturbing tha Peace

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