Tshepang Preview

Tshepang, directed by Lara Foot Newton, toured throughout South Africa and internationally for roughly four years. It is now finally our chance to see this moving piece of theatre before it becomes a feature film later this year. It tells the story of the rape of a 9-month-old baby girl Continue Reading


Very laidback reggae vibe going on with this album. When I looked more into the origins of the album I discovered that this artist is signed to Matthew McConaughy's label. All the 'laidback' stuff going on then began to make sense. It is filled with surf tunes and positive messages. Continue Reading


Czech group Prouza has returned and is fronted by a new lead singer, Karel Marik. V Tichosti is a mix of psychedelic pop, rock and with some punk thrown in for good measure. The songs are performed complete in Czech, but Marik sings with such emotion that you don't really Continue Reading

Lou Cowell

Each of the songs on the album can be taken as a separate entity. They all tell a complete story. We are brought along with Lou Cowell on a mellow and personal voyage that spans many of the events of her life. It's almost as if she is reading her Continue Reading