Are Sexiest Lists a Joke?

Just recently released their list of the 99 most desirable women for 2009. It made me wonder how a list like that can be compiled. Everyone has different tastes and a different idea of what they find desirable. Thank God! Or we would all be fighting over the same women. How are lists like this legitimate? Or should we just take them as fun?

I question lists like this when the woman who was number 1 last year (Katherine Heigl) is not even in the top 10 this year. What happened? There is also no Angelina Jolie…did she all of a sudden lose her looks…is motherhood not sexy? No Gisele Bundchen? No Jennifer Aniston? No Jessica Alba?

The poll asked the readers to look beyond looks for things that they would want in a wife. Things like charisma, sex appeal, intelligence, personality, ambition, and humour are all things men have listed as what they look for in a potential mate. Are they being honest or are they just listing things that won't make them look like total pigs? What do they know about the ambition or intelligence of women they don't even know?

For those of you who are interested here is the top 10 list from that poll in which 10 million people voted for the most alluring women of 2009:

10)Kate Beckinsale
9) Kristen Bell
8) Rihanna
7) Scarlett Johansson
6) Alessandra Ambrosio
5) Anne Hathaway
4) Keeley Hazell
3) Marisa Miller
2) Megan Fox
1) Eva Mendes

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