Make-Up Trends for Summer 2009

Summer is the time where we have more of a glow to us because of the sun's rays. We tend to look our best/healthiest during the summer months. Make-up should be used to accentuate your look and fashion sense. This summer is all about the natural look when it comes to make-up.

You can improve on a good thing by skillfully applying make-up. Make-up can be used to accentuate what we want and hide the flaws we don't want people to see. Like everything else in the style world there are make-up trends that come and go. Here are some of the hottest make-up trends for summer '09:

1) Transparent Skin: The foundation that you use should be invisible. Skin for summer '09 focuses on an innocent looking and invisible touch. The emphasis should be on your eyes and lips. Subtly is the key. Use the foundation hue that is closest to your skin's natural colour.
2) Soft-hues of Blush: Again natural is the key. Whether we are talking about everyday or at a party. Stay with the pastel family of roses, plums or peaches. Will make your face look fresh.
3) Long Lashes: The longer the better! False or real. Should be the focal point of your face.
4) Eye Make-Up: Stay away from a lot of eye shadow but wow them with the length of your lashes. Light gray or purple are the hot eye colours this summer. Throw away your harsh black liquid eye liner or use very little of it. Maybe try a green or blue for a change.
5) Lips: Nude or pale lipstick is the way to go. Gloss is still okay but glitter, dark colours or sparkles are out.

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