Yes, this is a film with a Christian message, but let's get past that, remain open minded and critique it just as we would every other film. There are some good points to the film (the message) and some bad (technical aspects). The most interesting thing about the film is the return (for me) of actor Kirk Cameron, who I haven't seen since his days on television starring in the series "Growing Pains". While his performance in this film is nothing terrific he does turn in a decent performance.

Caleb Holt (Kirk Cameron), a fire captain who lives by the tenet of never leaving a man behind, is a man who is great at his job, but his marriage is falling apart. His wife, Catherine (Erin Bethea – Facing the Giants), is sick of his distance and lack of involvement in their marriage. Caleb does not help out at home, saves all his money for a boat instead of helping Catherine out with her disabled mother and constantly watches Internet porn. Enough is enough for Catherine and she asks for a divorce. They continue to live together, but do not relate on any level.

When it seems like there is no hope for the couple, Caleb's father (Harris Malcom – first film) tells him about a book that helped save his marriage to Caleb's mother (Phyllis Malcom – first film). It is a 40-day program entitled The Love Dare. Caleb is hesitant as it is based in the Christian faith and he has lost his. But willing to try anything to save his marriage and puts his heart into The Love Dare.

This is a film that is all about its message and lives or dies by it. It was made for a Christian audience, so much so that I am not sure whether non-Christians will be interested in it. Despite this focus on a Christian message it is not offensive to those not of the faith.

From a technical aspect the film has the look of a TV movie. Which is not a good thing. It has the look of a film that does not have the benefit of a large budget behind it. The acting is pretty much the same. While Cameron does a good job the rest of the cast is a little spotty. Several are acting for the first time and it shows. It is not painful to watch, but definitely below what you would expect in a film.

What is strong is the message in the film about marriage and how a couple must work to keep together. It shows how love and people change over the course of a relationship and that it is up to the couple involved to work towards keeping it strong.

Special Features:
-Deleted scenes
-Firegoofs/Jokes and Pranks
-Fireproof: Behind the Scenes
-Marriage Matters
-Fireproof in 60
-Wayne on Wayne
-Love Dare Promo
-Fireproof Resources
-Previews of Facing the Giants, Faith Like Potatoes and The Note

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